Friday, March 31, 2017

March Madness on a Road Trip

Now that all of our brackets are busted let's keep our cars from having the same faith. In Middle Tennessee traveling is at a high during this time because of spring break. March Madness is happening on the roadway and we are all apart of the Final Four. Let's take a quick look at some ways we can limit car accidents in nashville and speeding tickets. 

On of the main things we suggest is having your destination route mapped out before you begin to drive. The GPS is a huge distraction while driving so by having our destination set we can ultimately eliminate that cause for distraction. Another is leave in plenty enough time to make it to your destination. This will limit the urge to speed, and get a traffic citation. By doing this you are able to relax and drive stress free knowing that you are less likely to get a speeding ticket and end up in traffic school because of the time that you have given yourself. One last thing we recommend before traveling is get some rest before you drive. Falling asleep behind the wheel could lead to accidents and even death. Be aware, stay awake, and make it there safe!